Industry relies on us.

For nearly 50 years, OEMs have relied on Tri-Mack’s thermoplastics, engineering and manufacturing expertise to develop high performance solutions for their technical challenges. Whether you are looking to reduce weight, lower costs or improve performance, we will work with you to optimize part design and develop robust manufacturing processes that produce high quality components. Tri-Mack supports you from concept to production, and our staff is committed to helping you reach your goals.

Tri-Mack’s ongoing investment in new technology is the cornerstone of our continuous improvement efforts and provides our customers with a competitive advantage as the use of composites is more widely embraced. More efficient manufacturing processes, such as our robotic molding cell, result in lower costs, while new technologies, such as thermoplastic composites, enable creative solutions to weight challenges.

Tri-Mack produces tight-tolerance, high-performance components for:

  • Aerospace/Defense
  • Chemical Processing
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Medical
  • Electronics

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