Tri-Mack’s latest hybrid molding processes combine thermoplastic composites with injection molding to capture the key advantages of both.

Based on a recent comparative study on bond strength, our hybrid molding bond is twice as strong as industry standard adhesive!

Improve your product's performance...

  • Increased strength wih UD thermoplastic composites
  • Improved design flexibility with over-molded geometry
  • Save on weight

...While saving money.

  • Create complex assemblies straight from the mold
  • Shorter cycle times than thermoset composites and metals
  • Reduced part counts
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Tri-Mack Hybrid Thermoplastic Molding aerospace
  • Fully automated robotic injection molding cell
  • In-mold forming and assembly
  • Reduced tooling costs and process steps
  • Automation ensures high-quality, low cost components

Watch the hybrid panel process.

Tri-Mack Hybrid injection molding for aerospace
  • Manufacturing of complex designs
  • Victrex AE250 composite enables overmolding with Victrex PEEK
  • One cost effective operation combines hardware and composite to create an assembly

Watch the hybrid bracket process.

Tom Kneath discusses the benefits.


How strong is the bond? Watch the video below!